Smooth Edge Can Opener

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Zulu Quality (TM) Unique Ergonomic Side Cut Single Handle Safety Can Opener With Stylish Silicone Grip Design And Smooth Edge Action.


Simple to use. More fun. More style. Better.


Actually "opens" the can and leaves a smooth edge. Single handle. Advanced action. Modern design.


Get the full length sci-fi novel, Star Angel, as our gift to you. When you buy one of our openers we send you a PDF of a full-length novel, 457 pages in length, signed by the author. An odd gift, we know, especially to go with a can opener, but it's our way of saying thanks.


When you buy a Zulu Quality opener we make a donation to the Feeding America network. Five percent (5%) of your purchase goes to them, and they, in turn, feed the hungry in America. We're giving back, and so are you. It's part of keeping the love flowing.


  • One handle. No sharp edges. Modern Style.
  • Unique, yes, but amazingly easy to use once you try it
  • Includes full instructions.
  • Soft, easy grip no-slip silicone handle.
  • The size of a "standard" can opener.
  • One handle instead of two; no clumsy, second swing handle; smooth operation.
  • Opener wheel does not touch contents of the can.
  • Opens can rather than cutting. The result is a smooth edge to the lid. Lid can be placed back on the can.
  • Quite stylish. This is important.
  • Ergonomic turning handle. The handle is large and comfortable. Great for all size hands.
  • Fun to use.
  • A conversation starter.
  • No sharp edges. Dishwasher safe.
  • Great gift. Pretty obvious, but we had to say it.
  • Full, 100% money back and replacement guarantee.