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Here we feature some (usually) fun videos of our can opener in action.

Mom Showing How

The Zulu Story

Why Zulu?  Zulu is the last letter in the phonetic alphabet.  This is the alphabet used by military and emergency responders to make it easier to understand communications.  You've no doubt heard this alphabet; it's the one that starts "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie ..." and ends "X-Ray, Yankee, Zulu."  Zulu is "Z".

And so we chose Zulu Quality to set ourselves apart as the last word in quality.  Our founder is former US Navy, so this seemed an appropriate usage of the term "Zulu".  :-)

So what is Zulu Quality?  The short answer is we're a home & kitchen, focusing on items of high quality, unique function, low price and great style.  Our ambition is to be in 1% of all US households in the next few years.  That may not seem like much, but 1% works out to 1.2 million kitchens.  That's quite a few!  Thanks to many of you we're already well on our way.

Ingredients of Zulu Quality:

Style. Function. Conversation.

Zulu Quality items are all about the right style, the best, most useful function, and bringing conversation and a spirit of togetherness to the home.

  • Zulu was founded with the goal of bringing fun, quality and style into the kitchen
  • Our goal is to offer somewhat cooler, somewhat neater, somewhat better items at about the same price you'd pay for the more usual item
  • We're based in Florida in the US
  • Each Zulu item should be a conversation starter, something that looks good on the counter or in the home and is also more functional
  • We call it FUNctional (Fun + Functional)
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Thanks so much for being a Zulu customer.

Zulu Quality LLC

Veteran Owned Business