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If you’ve ever eaten a masterfully prepared Beef Wellington, then you’re aware that cooking is an art. On top of talent, skill and passion, this kind of art requires the best kitchen tools and implements. And for anyone passionate about cooking, the most essential kitchen tools kitchen are knives. Of course, there are many knives out there. We’re here to help you learn and choose. There’s no need to buy one of those elaborate 30-piece knife sets – you likely won’t use half of them. Simplicity and quality are key. Therefore we are proud to present our kitchen knife guide...

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Cheaper never means better. Ever. You get what you pay for. And while we’re on clichés, Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Aristotle had no idea this quote would become a cliché. While he knew he was right, it’s hard to imagine him realizing the far-reaching implications and long shelf-life his words would have. There are many pursuits in life where you’d certainly want to make Aristotle proud. Bringing together many elements to create something better than you’d imagined is simply awesome. We should aim to do it with making cars, building teams,...

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