15 Gluten Free Foods That Taste Wonderful

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15 Gluten Free Foods That Taste Wonderful

In the world of food, a not so quiet revolution is well underway – against gluten. From cooking shows to specialty cookbooks, from restaurants to artisan shops, people are turning away from this mixture of proteins, found in wheat and related grains, that gives dough its elastic texture.

For many people, the choice is more about health than preference, like for those with celiac disease. Others find it inflames their digestive systems. Whatever your reasons for going gluten free, there still seems to be a bad rap about how it tastes. Let’s dispel that myth once and for all with 15 gluten free foods that taste wonderful.


Versatile, easy to cook, and a staple in just about every cuisine around the globe, rice is a great alternative to gluten filled noodles. Think of it as a blank canvas, waiting to be infused with favors.


They’re not just for breakfast. Eggs are a superfood packed with protein and other invaluable nutrients and minerals. There are so many great ways to prepare eggs; explore them all.


Quinoa is equally delicious served hot or cold. Similar to rice, but high in protein and low on the glycemic index, it can be seasoned, flavored and prepared in so many ways.


Beans are great in soups, salads, or prepared as a stand-alone side dish. Enjoy them fresh or break out the can opener. Beans are delicious and nutritious.


Although many potato dishes contain added gluten, potatoes themselves are gluten free. From russets to nuggets to Yukon Golds, potatoes are a great way to add ‘heft’ to any meal without including wheat.


A true superfood and an excellent source of healthy fat, avocados are equally at home in a salad as they are being added to a gluten free chocolate pudding.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Spinach, collards, kale and chard are all nutrient-packed veggies that are gluten free and can be prepared in hot or cold dishes.

Grass-fed Chicken

If you’re really serious about gluten free foods, even look at how the chicken you eat was fed and raised. Grass-fed chicken tastes awesomely different from grain-fed. It’s juicy, bursting with flavor, and entirely free of any trace of gluten.

Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is outstanding for your heart health. (It’s also great as a moisturizer and makeup remover.) Whether you’re frying, basting, marinating or making a simple salad dressing, olive oil is the delicious choice of chefs everywhere.

Wild Salmon

Salmon is another great food for heart health. Just stay away from farmed salmon as it can be full of toxins. Wild salmon can be grilled, fried, pan seared or oven baked for even the most discerning of palates. For a faster, less expensive alternative, whip out your can opener and go with canned salmon; it’s gluten free and in some cases even more versatile than its filleted cousin.

Wild Game

If you love the taste of game, moose, elk, deer and boar are delicious and certainly free of gluten.


Kiss ketchup goodbye if you are trying to go gluten free. But mustard is still fine. Use this versatile condiment as a key ingredient or to top off a meal.


My mouth waters at the mere mention of bacon. In fact, pork in general is gluten free, but again, it depends on how the pigs were raised. Grass-fed pork products can be used in any meal of the day.


The king of all protein. Ground beef, steaks, ribs, veal chops and every other form of beef are all naturally gluten free – if the animals are grass-fed. Steer clear of processed meats like those you would find in ready-made burgers, as they often contain gluten products as filler.


Mushrooms are often used as a meat substitute due to their texture and lovely flavor. Porcini, button, portabella and cremini… mushrooms come in a variety of sizes, tastes and textures that make them the perfect star for your next gluten free dish.

So, you see, gluten free foods don’t have to taste bad. In fact, many are better tasting. Enjoy the great flavors as you also enjoy the freedom from gluten side-effects.

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